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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 21, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> you have to get out of here. >> that's it for us. have a great weekend. "special report" is next! bye. after a two day hemorrhage, wall street stops the bleeding. what have we learned about the obama economy? this is "special report." good evening, i am chris wallace in for bret baier. investors and traders on wall street are breathing a sigh of relief, thanks to a break from two rough selloff days in the financial markets. chief white house correspondent ed henry reports there's one man that remains on the hot seat, federal reserve chairman ben bernanke. >> reporter: after two days of market melt downs and high anxiety about 401(k)s plunging again, the last thing president obama or his aides wanted to do
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today was try to decipher the words of the fed chairman, ben bernanke. >> how is the white house sorting out what he said? >> here is what i have to say about the markets and the fed chairman and fed policy. >> reporter: nothing to say. probably smart because the market settled today, with modest gains for the dow and s&p 500 and a small drop for nasdaq, after a two day global selloff for stocks, bonds, and commodities, sparked by a massive credit crunch in china, refusal by communist leaders to intervene by pumping cash into the system, coupled with bernanke's comment that the fed may pull back on massive bond buying. >> he is like drunk driving, jerking the wheel back and forth, market doesn't know what to make of it. >> reporter: others sharply disagree, saying his message was upbeat, and as interest rates
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start to rise, potential buyers are getting off the sidelines, further boosting an already improving housing market. >> the committee sees the economy continuing to grow at moderate pace. >> reporter: if that continues, it is no surprise the fed will pull back on stimulus. >> we knew it would be the case. to see rational volatility based on for me what was a very expected response from the fed is irrational behavior on the part of the markets. >> reporter: irrational markets are a dangerous addition to the mix for a lame duck president who has seen his second term dominated by controversies, from irs targeting conservatives to justice department monitoring of reporters, with syria and nsa surveillance sapping time and attention, jay carney had to hedge when he tried to claim today the economy is the president's most important focus. >> the president's number one priority in addition to making sure that he's doing everything he can to protect the american people and our national security
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interests is the economy and economic growth and the middle class. >> reporter: vice president biden is out with a bold prediction about the economy, told the u.s. conference of mayors in los angeles, this country is ready to get up and roar. chris? >> ed henry, live at the white house. thanks for that. there are indications the federal government has more latitude to spy on you than we have been led to believe. national security correspondent jennifer griffin tells us we're getting our first look at what the rules are, and whether the feds have been playing by them. >> reporter: amidst another nsa bombshell, president obama met for the first time with privacy and civil liberties oversight board at the white house. the group created in 2004 in the wake of 9/11, and reports to congress on how the government's anti-terror measures effect people's privacy. they had a lot to talk about. "the washington post" and guardian newspapers published a new classified document today, the nsa's rules of the extent to
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which they can listen to americans' phone calls. >> the new rules leave no doubt, and should have been no doubt before, the nsa is allowed to pick up americans' international communications. the past few weeks, government officials have been trying to defend that nsa surveillance program saying they're not listening to americans' phone calls, we now know it is not true. >> reporter: they can keep e-mails and phone calls of residents if they contain significant intelligence. once a year, fisa court gives the nsa blanket permission to do this. quote, a person reasonably believed to be located outside the united states or whose location is not known will be presumed to be a nonunited states person, according to rules on targeting of suspects. on its website, they quote 702 of the legislation, saying if a target reasonably believed to be a non-u.s. person outside the u.s., either enters the u.s. or was in fact a u.s. person at the
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time of acquisition, targeting must be immediately terminated. after meeting the president, the board issued a statement. quote, we discussed with the president our recommendation that every effort be made to publicly provide the legal rationale for programs to enhance public discussion and debate about the legalitity of the counter terrorism efforts. former facebook chief security officer today told a hacking conference three years ago that companies like facebook should work more closely with the government. he now works for the nsa. chris? >> jennifer griffin at the pentagon, thanks. president obama has nominated former bush administration official jim comey as fbi director to replace long time chief robert mueller. he is best known for opposition to warrantless wire tapping program, following 9/11. comey takes over just as the
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public learns about the fbi's use of drones to conduct surveillance. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has new information tonight. >> reporter: the heavily redacted documents released by the faa after a freedom of information request by a california privacy rights group, showed the fbi applied for and got permission at least four times since 2009 to fly surveillance drones in this country. >> the fact they're heavily redacted is significant. it shows a culture of secrecy that's pure opaqueness in the way drones are operated in the united states. >> reporter: the documents do reveal the fbi flying an unarmed drone widely used by defense department called the puma ae. the california manufacturer told fox it is highly portable, carries a color and thermal video camera to send live surveillance data to its operator with a two hour flight limit. earlier this week, fbi director robert mueller went on the record.
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>> does the fbi own or currently use drones, if so, for what purpose? >> yes, and for surveillance. >> reporter: pushed on privacy policies covering use and retention of surveillance data gathered within the u.s., mueller says it is a work in progress. >> we have very few, have limited use, and we're exploring not only the use but also the necessary guidelines for that use. >> reporter: the fbi now confirms drone use during this alabama hostage standoff that ended with safe return of a five-year-old boy. in a statement the fbi emphasized, quote, use of uav's governed by existing bureau aircraft regulations and faa rules. we are in the business of investigating crimes and protecting lives using all lawful tools available. privacy groups say surveillance data could be combined with other collection programs, including the nsa's. >> as you gain more data points, you can make more inferences and perform more analytics that tell
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you a robust picture about someone's life you wouldn't necessarily consider from each individual point of information. >> reporter: the electronic frontier foundation that got those faa documents through freedom of information act told fox in a statement the fbi's, quote, trust is far from sufficient, adding they have no policies that guarantee protection of privacy and civil liberties. >> more on this with the panel. thank you. the old expression about the devil being in the details is playing out in the senate today. bipartisan supporters of an immigration reform bill are trying to piece together a mix of proposals that will satisfy enough senators to win approval. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel says finding the right mix is the big question. >> reporter: leading democrats are signaling the support of so-called border search amendment up for procedural vote monday, sponsored by two republican senators. they say their amendment will
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guarantee illegals can't get a green card until the security components are in place. >> this has the most tangible, not subjective, tangible triggers that you can possibly put in place. every american can look at this bill, can look at the implementation and see that tangibly things are in place. >> reporter: the amendment estimated to cost more than $30 billion would build a 700 mile border fence, add new technology, including radar, night vision, drones, implement e-verify so illegals can't find work, entry, exit tracking, with 20,000 more agents, double the border control. he says they didn't include an item democrats wanted in there. >> our whole focus is to secure the border first, but also we want to make sure that illegal immigrants are not getting benefits when they go to provisional status. >> reporter: alabama senator jeff sessions isn't going to support the measure. >> a magic amendment, the amendment that fixes everything
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that we can just relax, go home, take a good nap because we've got an amendment that's going to fix all of the problems in the legislation. >> reporter: texas senator john cornyn expressed frustration after his amendment calling for 5,000 border agents was labeled too expensive. >> i was told we don't need more boots, we need technology. now i find to my shock and amazement, the distinguished senator from arizona says we need 20,000 more border patrol! how much is it going to cost? that's the question. >> reporter: supporters say it is fully paid for and the senior arizona senator, a gang of eight member, responded today on fox. >> according to congressional budget office in the next 20 years, we're going to have $700 billion in additional revenue as a result of passage of this legislation because the jobs that it creates and the increase in our gross domestic product. >> reporter: at the white house, there's belief this is a big moment. >> this agreement would constitute a break through on the bipartisan effort and we
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applaud the tireless work that has gone into it and the broader effort. >> reporter: there's a reason a number of democrats will support the amendment, even if security isn't their top priority. the hope is it will lead to immigration reform passing the senate with a strong bipartisan vote, before the fourth of july recess. chris? >> mike emanuel from capitol hill, thanks. you asked for it, we've got it. more on the captain crunch controversy later on the grapevine. up next, is obama care in need of intensive care? i'm phyllis and i have diabetic nerve pain.
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about to hold some 50 events in 18 states. >> americans are already seeing the benefits. >> reporter: the sales job is needed more than ever. a new fox poll finds voters oppose obama care 55 to 40% margin. a kaiser poll shows only 19% think they'll be better off under the new health care law. just this week, the government accountability office reported implementation is behind schedule and cannot be determined whether planning will assure timely and smooth implementation of exchanges by october, 2013. >> the gao is not the first to issue such warnings. what we said is obama care is set to become a bureaucratic nightmare. >> reporter: public accounts forced president obama to defend the program. >> when you're implementing a program this large, there will be some glitches, there will be some hiccups. >> reporter: former surgeon sees more than hiccups, he recognizes
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problems in health care but thinks obama care is not the answer. dr. price's plan would let doctors and patients, not washington, decide what kind of care they want, and instead of obama care subsidies, price would extend tax deductions to all to match tax benefits that corporations get. >> you should have the wherewithal to pick coverage they want for themselves. >> reporter: he says no one should be without insurance as they lose or change jobs or be priced out of the market with a diagnosis. the president claims obama care is succeeding, saying insurance premiums were rising very little in a program called competition california. >> competition and choice are pushing down costs in the individual market, just like the law was designed to do. >> reporter: analysts say that plan severely limits choice. >> there's a blue shield plan now in california that will be sold under the exchange that
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only has a third of the doctors that the normal blue shield plan covers. >> reporter: it excluded many of the better hospitals as well. other exchanges are expecting average increases of some 60%. so with a deadline fast approaching, the debate rages on about whether obama care will work and how much it will cost. chris? >> jim, thank you. we're expecting to learn soon what president obama's latest moves will be to fight what he considers the serious threat of climate change. tonight, we focus on the implications for one part of the energy sector. correspondent alicia acuna has the story. >> reporter: controversy is heating up over decision by the obama administration to vastly reduce the amount of federal lands available for oil shale development. >> what they basically did was make it so nobody will want to spend money going after oil shale on federal government land. >> reporter: oil shale is not what's driving the current
3:18 pm
domestic energy boom in places like north dakota. oil shale is a type of rock that can be a mineralized form of oil. >> it is the largest oil resource we have in the united states, larger than canada's oil sands resource, according to the government's own figures. >> reporter: some industry estimates run into trillions of barrels but wouldn't be easy to get. >> has to be heated to high temperatures under pressure. and it will impact the land and water. >> reporter: the george w. bush administration set aside 1.3 million acres for oil shale and tar sands development in colorado, utah, and wyoming. the new plan cuts that by two-thirds, because the bureau says the technology is not yet proven. it has prompted industry outrage. >> the chinese are inviting companies in, companies that may have done business in the united states if we had a better
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approach. >> reporter: some conservation groups applaud the obama administration new plan. >> why in the world would we sacrifice heritage, hunting and fishing traditions, all the sustainable economy that comes on that on something that's speculative. doesn't make sense from dollars and cents standpoint. >> reporter: they plan to sue them because reductions didn't go far enough. chris? >> thank you. a committee considering whether to ease restrictions on electric devices in airplanes is asking for more time. the panel of industry and labor experts was supposed to make recommendations next month, but now has until september. the faa is trying to determine if it is safe to use e-book readers, music, video players, smart phones, laptops when planes are below 10,000 feet. still ahead, are returning war veterans becoming drug addicts with the help of the government? first, one of top
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another sports star is in trouble. aaron hernandez of new england patriots football team may soon be arrested in connection with a murder of an acquaintance. molly line is in massachusetts tonight. good evening, molly. >> reporter: good evening, chris. for much of the day, we didn't know where aaron hernandez was, until about an hour ago, when he arrived home in that same white audi the media was tracking him in throughout the day yesterday. he was driven here by one of his lawyers. hernandez jumped out of the back seat, went inside where he remained. another attorney arrived in a second car, both lawyers went in
3:24 pm
the home roughly ten minutes before leaving without comment. arising nfl star, he is used to the spotlight on the field. now he is under intense media scrutiny, his upper class, north at or borrow home surrounded by tv cameras, less than a mile from the steen where the body was discovered monday afternoon. the lawyer representing him has not returned calls. he said neither we nor aaron will have any comment about the substance of that investigation until it has come to a conclusion. sources tell fox 25 that a hard drive to his home surveillance system was found to be heavily damaged, and that video evidence exists, showing hernandez and two other men walking into hernandez's home shortly after neighbors heard gunshots between 3:00 and 3:30 in the morning monday. neighbors didn't immediately report shots to police. about an hour before hernandez was seen on video walking into his house, a source says he was
3:25 pm
spotted in a neighborhood in boston. lloyd, hernandez, and two other men were reportedly at a bar in boston the night of the killing, and at some point they all left together. police have called on the public's help to find a silver mirror cover, believed to have broken off a vehicle of interest, may be visible on route of trouble between dorchester, north at or borrow. two communities central to the investigation. two massachusetts state police officers stopped by the home earlier today, were let through the front door for a couple moments, then they left. we see quite a police presence here in recent days. we are waiting for further word from bristol sheriff's department on more developments. >> molly will stay on this. thank you. prosecutors in george zimmerman, trayvon martin martin trial won't be allowed to say zimmerman racially profiled the unarmed african-american teenager before shooting him to death, but the state will be allowed to say zimmerman profiled martin based on factors
3:26 pm
such as age or clothing. opening statements in the secondary murder trial are set for monday. brazil's president held an emergency meeting of her cabinet today, following the biggest night yet of anti-government demonstrations. an estimated 1 million people took to the streets in more than 80 cities. they're protesting high taxes, big spending, poor services. the rallies have been going on for more than a week. uncle sam wants you, that is if you're a snitch. and it is very hot in a very unlikely place. the grapevine is next. [ male announcer ] moving object detection. ♪ blind spot warning. ♪ lane departure warning. safety, down to an art. the nissan altima with safety shield technologies. nissan. innovation that excites.
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now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. they say the obama has an insider threat program. president obama signed an executive order 20 months ago encouraging federal employees to snitch on each other, and they can be punished if they don't. government workers are told to be sensitive to a co-worker who may be going through a divorce or financial difficulties, or some other life experience. the concern is such employee may be more likely to give information to the press or foreign governments. a strange weather phenomenon is gripping alaska. heat and sunshine. temperatures in the upper 80s have created a run on fans, as alaskans, most of whom don't have air conditioning, struggle
3:31 pm
to beat the heat. other sights not seen in the united states, sun bathers, swimmers, and reports of wild game like moose taking advantage of lawn sprinklers and kiddy pools. now a follow on yesterday's report about disputed rank of captain crunch. as we told you, some people believe the captain's uniform shows he is a commander, not captain. many of you wrote in after the show, arguing he has every right to call himself a captain because he is the commanding officer of his vessel, the ss guffey. in our tireless pursuit of the truth, we raised it with fox news military analyst and captain chuck nash. he says this is not a krooecere case of a stolen develop or, long-standing naval or march time custom, if you are the commanding officer, you are the
3:32 pm
captain. there you have it. case closed. tonight, we continue our look at how veterans back home from war are being treated with drugs that have the potential to do more harm than good. correspondent douglas kennedy has the story of one vet who's been told he's lucky to be alive. >> reporter: you were taking seer tal, quan lynn, dep coat at the same time. what was the result? >> of course, i gained about 100 pounds, now i have diabetes, did i mention diabetes. >> reporter: in november, 2004, charles perkins returned from iraq. and like many veterans, he was immediately sent to a psychiatrist from the department of veteran's affairs to treat post traumatic stress disorder. over a period of a year, you saw 13 different va psychiatrists, many of them giving you different diagnoses. >> yes. it was very hard going from
3:33 pm
doctor to doctor. >> reporter: and most giving him more and more prescriptions. in fact, perkins ended up with 25 different prescriptions for 25 different drugs. all prescribed by va doctors. you ended up going to see your own doctor, and he told you you were lucky to be alive. >> he said i was on a cocktail of poison. >> reporter: he isn't alone receiving mood altering medication from the military and va. in fact, over the past ten years, the military and va spent over $2 billion medicating its men and women, with antianxiety and anti-psychotic medication. it is a huge expenditure this spokesman defends. >> in the last decade, we made great strides increasing access to care and decreasing stigma in getting that care. >> reporter: a stance psychiatrist peter braggen says
3:34 pm
seems compassionate but is in reality irresponsible. >> you have so many soldiers on psychiatric drugs, you're producing chronic mental patients. >> reporter: he says most psych medications alter brain chemistry, which often creates a lifelong dependence. >> it can be horrific to try to come off many of these psychiatric drugs and many times patients simply can't get off them. >> reporter: many doctors say once you start these medications, it is almost impossible to get off. what does that mean for you? >> if i stop taking the medications, i start having nightmares, sleepless nights. >> reporter: he is only 37 years old, but he knows he will be on psych drugs for the rest of his life, a consequence, he says, of trusting his va care givers. in charleston, west virginia, douglas kennedy, fox news. we will look at the rules that supposedly govern the nsa's surveillance on you. plus the fbi's eye in the sky. the fox panel is next.
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let's bring in our panel, rich lowery, editor of national review, and author of new book "lincoln unbound." ab stoddard, and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. before we get to that, we have late-breaking news. "the washington post" is reporting federal officials formally charged edward snowden, the nsa contract employee who disclosed all this information, charged him with espionage and theft and conversion of government property. charles, your reaction? >> it was obvious, it was inevitable. i am surprised they would dump it on a friday afternoon, unless they're not that interested in publicity, which i suppose is true. what else are you going to do? the guy obviously, i mean, even if you believe he may not be convicted, he clearly has acted, he stole the property, he released it, he broke the rules, and he broke his oath. i think that's a hell of a starting point. i think his chances of getting
3:40 pm
off are practically zero. the only question is would he be returned to the united states. >> i was going to say, at least at this point we think he is in hong kong and will chinese officials turn him back, extradite him. we have to wait and see. let's get to the subject we were going to discuss, the whole question of surveillance. rich, the president met today for the first time in his presidency with the, let me get it right, privacy and civil liberties oversight board which i am ashamed to admit i had never heard of. apparently the president hadn't either. it started in 2004, but this was its first meeting under president obama. is that the way to address, and doesn't have to be the only way, to address the public's concern about government surveillance? >> no, of course not. chris for those keeping track at home, it is pcon. >> as in lincoln.
3:41 pm
about which you wrote a book. >> this thing has been bumping around since 2004, reconstituted once. according to ap, as of may this year, the incoming chairman didn't have security clearance and they had no room to meet in. this has all the meaning and consequence of eric holder's meeting with reporters after ap and james rosen subpoenas, which is to say none at all. >> meanwhile, the nsa director general keith alexander recently told lawmakers that up to 50 pl plots had been thwarted by those government surveillance programs, he promised he would go back to lawmakers with details. so far, not a word from him to congress. i have to assume they're going to demand specifics pretty soon. >> right, because the newest revelation tells us that there's a lot of discretion and rolling permanent -- >> talk about the newest
3:42 pm
revelation. >> that the -- we don't really entirely understand first of all what fisa is doing in this, and we don't know how they approve of warrants and actually were told that they approve every single one. if they're on a rolling basis and nsa had up to a year to vacuum up whatever they would like and are given wide discretion, it is really not a system with all those mandatory substantive minimum miizations weave led to believe there are. >> specifically if they get information inadvertently as part of an investigation about americans, if it involves some terror plot, they can -- >> right, and then it starts to pile up and can be used for law enforcement and criminal activity. so again, i don't think any of this really comes as a surprise, but in the administration's effort to explain it, mr. alexander has to come back, tell members of congress what
3:43 pm
the revelation has shown and how the system works. i think that none of this, although we're going to have rolling revelations, is really a surprise that consumers are learning what they should have learned a long time ago, that nothing is private on the internet. i am still going to be surprised if this becomes a raging debate in the next election. i think it is something that americans remain uncomfortable with, but because they don't feel confident in our security, they accept as, you know, just a function of the government to secure the home land. >> there's also growing controversy over the revelation this week that the fbi has received clearance from federal aviation officials in at least four instances since 2010 to use drones in various government surveillance cases. charles, what do you make of that? >> well, if that is true, it is an average of one a year, so it should be stopped early and it obviously would be extremely rare. i am against use of drones
3:44 pm
internally for law enforcement with two exceptions. one would be a natural disaster, the fires of colorado, for example. it is not even an issue of privacy. or for a very specific crime, a very specific example, which we heard of, for example, the kidnapping of the five-year-old girl, i believe in arkansas, where they apparently had a drone, and you get a court order and warrant, obviously. so be very strict. >> in that case, for instance, where there's a hostage situation, you want to get a sense of what's going on, what this fellow has, what kind of -- and you're in a siege, doesn't a drone make sense there? >> it does, but you don't have a lot of those every year, that's once a year, that would be okay. what i think would have to be made clear, at the beginning of the entire era of drones, we should never have it up there like a stationary camera in the streets of london, except it is a camera on a high pole, which is operating all the time, and
3:45 pm
having a view all the time of public spaces, obviously private spaces that law enforcement is looking at. i think we ought to make the rules early, congress ought to be doing that, and to be extremely strict completely outlawing that. >> we have about 30 seconds left, rich. the appointment today of former bush administration justice department official jim comey as fbi director. >> they want a republican to establish more credibility and trust. on the drones, i think charles is right. we have law enforcement handle dangerous things, guns, helicopters, s.w.a.t. teams, it is about the protocol being established for using them, but they will be used. >> so loud, you can hear them coming. that's the difference. >> i want to say we have a rule, we never call charles a liar.
3:46 pm
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each week we ask you to vote in the friday lightning round poll over a different topic. today in a tremendous upset you chose charles for his pick. what's your topic? >> the origin of the word ludite. obama gave a speech in germany this week. was it a, a stirring defense of united states and the concept of liberty, about reagan and kennedy being mediocre, platitude, or c, the worst presidential speech on foreign affairs in memory, empty, self
3:50 pm
indulge indulgent, and akronistic and self in dell jent. >> before you give your answer, we give you a taste of that speech in berlin. speech in berlin. same fighting spirit that define berlin a half century ago. >> chris: so the answer is a, a stirring recreation of kennedy's speech? >> it doesn't even reach the level of mush. c is the correct answer. >> chris: embarrassment? >> yes, absolutely. empty, indulgent. >> this is stuff asking a.b. for. >> b how about you? >> c only under protest because it didn't include the adjective steval and self-perotic. >> chris: what was terrible about it? >> thrill is gone even
3:51 pm
overseas. the whole obsession with nuclear disarmament is leftover from the 1980s, the threat of climate change one is totally disconnected from the realities of american politics. not anything is going to happen on that. two is disconnected from the reality of global warming because we haven't had any in the last 15 years. >> chris: another big story this week ben bernanke announced if the economy course if it will pull back on the stimulus program by the end of the year. though the markets were stable today, there was a big sell off on wednesday and thursday. what does that tell you about the economy? >> well, it still shows that this is what has been all along a very tentative recovery. housing is looking better, manufacturing isn't. when you have unemployment still as high as it is, and when you have inflation still astonishing low, the market believes it's the wrong time to talk about tightening and it's probably right. >> chris: a.b.? >> the fed chair actually
3:52 pm
said we will keep these policies going if the economy requires it and the market flips out. there is not enough assurance in a jobless recovery to calm the pessimism that still remains years into it. >> chris: there is another factor here as well and, charles, why don't you add this to it. there is also concerns about slower growth and tightening of credit inside of china which has been a huge engine of economic growth. one of the few places with big growth around the world. >> that is true. but that's been happening over a period of weeks. i think the fact that you had the sell-off for a couple of days right after the bernanke statement, i think indicates how much the economy is dependent on the hero -- heroin that ben bernanke has been administering. send stock traders jumping out of windows. it shows you how much there is a lack of confidence and also a weakness in the economy. >> chris: all right. a fan favorite, winners and
3:53 pm
losers of the week. rich, who your winner. >> the winner is clearly chuck schumer. he will get a big vote probably for misbegotten immigration bill. it is going to be bipartisan. toughened up on enforcement. in other words, becomes a perfect tool to hammer the house with. congratulations senator schumer although he had a lot of help from republicans. >> chris: and your loser? >> the loser, i hate to throw him under the bus but obama's tell prompter operator who had a very rough day in berlin and shamefully left the president naked unto the world giving a grand address from notes on paper. >> chris: i must also add the advance man who put them behind the thick glass it looked like we are looking at the guy through the next door building. a.b. >> g 8 concluded without any mention of his ouster. and loser, unfortunately, and i always come to his defense is john boehner who
3:54 pm
is now speaker of the zoo. >> explain? >> the farm bill went down last night and it was easy to spin for republicans that it was democrats who abandoned it after saying they would vote for the bill but they lost more than 60 republicans. they brought a bill to the floor convinced it would pass and it didn't. is he not in control of his conference and facing a debt ceiling increase and any kind of deal on immigration reform he just doesn't -- he doesn't have control over the votes in his conference and his speakership is really in question. >> chris: charles, your winner? >> christina torre, daughter of joe torre, baseball immorality who this week saved the life of a toddler falling out of a second story window by catching him as they say in the trade soft hands -- >> chris: and your loser? >> my loser unfortunately sky high marco rubio. he imagined or he thoughtor he promised in the bill he
3:55 pm
proposed there would be a hard trigger meaning results oriented trigger to get a path to citizenship and that was the cornyn amendment. he voted in favor. it was defeated and he may not end up with it which would be a huge defeat. >> that's it for the panel. stay tuned to see how the broadcast of a sports event can go very wrong. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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>> chris: finally tonight, this is a tense time for sports fans, you are watching the nba finals or stanley cup and at a key moment something terrible happens. if you wonder what i'm talking about, take a look. >> taken on by cane, should shooting in that ricochet. try to play. >> you have to love what you do to wake up at 2:00 in the morning. >> i couldn't ask for. >> watch when they come back. >> at kxn news today. >> if i can't in a texas. i'm just going to give it to you. the blb has special. >> right before. >> the game is over. the game is over! >> that's right. a commercial right in the middle of overtime. that's "special report" for tonight. please join me this weekend for "fox news sunday." we'll discuss the split inside the gop over immigration reform with republican senators lindsey graham and mike lee and we
4:00 pm
will talk with gabe gabriel gomez. keep it here on fox where more news is always on the way. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, paula deen's empire in jeopardy. she admits she used the "n" word and now the multimillionaire queen of comfort food has been pushed out of the food network. plus, the nfl player in the middle of a murder mystery. cops pay another visit to the home of the new england patriots' tight end aaron hernandez. now we are learning more about the security system at the house. the system somebody reportedly destroyed. plus, word of a near disaster in the sky. the feds say two planes got dangerously close to each other over one of the nation's busiest airports. and bleach.
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